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A SIGNED, STAMPED AND EMBOSSED PAPERBACK COPY of The Darkness That Came Before, including a matching bookmark.


What if it’s always been there? Watching … Waiting …

Cherry Hollow has been plagued by The Darkness for more than two decades. Death, murder, infidelity, trauma, and severe mental health disorders … It all started in 1998 with the disappearance of a young boy. Or did it?

Now, another body has been discovered, hidden in the depths of Beaker Ravine, a place where The Darkness has been luring its victims for years. But this body is different. It’s older. It means The Darkness was around long before anyone even knew it existed …

Stephen Mallow, a London journalist, is back in town to discover the truth, despite vowing he’d never return. His own darkness has followed him, but even that won’t stop his unique and questioning mind from asking the difficult questions no one in town wants to answer.

Olivia and Graham are old friends, reunited after the discovery of the body. They’re now determined to lay their demons to rest. But why was no one reported missing all those years ago? And why has it taken more than forty years for the truth to be revealed?

Can The Darkness finally be destroyed and who will be the one to finally end it all?

The Darkness That Came Before is the third and final book in “The Darkness Series”, a gripping and emotionally charged psychological thriller series that isn’t afraid to explore the darker side of mental health. If you’ve enjoyed the sinister series so far, then you won’t want to miss this explosive conclusion that will make you think twice before turning off the light. Perfect for thriller fans who prefer their books "creepy" rather than "bloody".

CONTENT WARNINGS: Death of a spouse, cancer, talk of suicide, talk of child abuse, murder, death.

The Darkness That Came Before (The Darkness Series #3)

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