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A SIGNED, STAMPED AND EMBOSSED PAPERBACK COPY of The Darkness That Binds Us, including a matching bookmark.


It’s what we can’t see that scares us the most …

Twenty-five years ago, an unimaginable tragedy struck the town of Cherry Hollow, leaving its residents devastated and searching for answers. Grief overwhelmed the town for two decades until five years ago when the truth was finally revealed, but not everyone believed the story …


Now, a new family has moved to town, unaware of the secrets and lies that lurk under the floorboards of their new home that once belonged to Amber Walker, one of the five members of the original disaster.


Emma and Linda Smithson, and their two children, have moved there for a fresh start, determined to bury their murky pasts and forget about their own life-altering mistakes. But when they find out Amber took her own life, events start to unravel and suspicions begin to surface, as they each deal with their own darkness.


Jordan and Brooke, two of Amber’s best friends, are determined to prove that she was murdered, even if it means delving into the past, facing old enemies, and standing up to their previous demons. The ones they swore they’d never speak about again.


For the community of Cherry Hollow, it’s not all smiles and sunshine … because the darkness never left … and it won’t rest until it gets what it wants … The Truth.


The Darkness That Binds Us is the second book in “The Darkness Series,” a gripping and emotionally charged psychological thriller series that explores the shadier side of mental health and its drastic repercussions. If you enjoy dark thrillers with jaw-dropping twists and creepy, thought-provoking aspects, then you’ll love this hugely anticipated sequel to The Darkness Within Ourselves.


CONTENT WARNINGS: Anxiety, disappearance, depression, grief, hallucinations, murder, suicide, fire, blood, profanity, cheating, child loss, alcohol use, a person with a substance use disorder, mental health illness, physical assault, death, car accident, body injury, bullying; mentions domestic abuse, child molestation, rape, overdose, and cancer.

The Darkness That Binds Us (The Darkness Series #2)

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