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A SIGNED, STAMPED AND EMBOSSED PAPERBACK COPY of all three books in The Darkness Series, including a matching bookmark for each.


A dark psychological thriller series that focuses on mental health and explores just how dark our minds can go, the aftermath of trauma and how it can have repercussions for the rest of our lives ... and beyond.


"Cherry Hollow is a place where if you leave to live elsewhere, you never return, and if an outsider moves in, they never leave."

It may seem like your average rural town, but Cherry Hollow hides more secrets than most. And it all started with the disappearance of Kieran Jones in 1998. Didn't it? Four friends deal with their grief over what happened in different ways as they each suffer from their own version of The Creature, an entity that may or may not be real.

New people move to the town. More secrets are revealed. And more lives are lost. But at what price?

How did The Darkness start? Why is it tormenting the town and its grieving residents, and who will be the one to finally reveal the darkest secret of all?

"The Darkness Series" 3 Book Bundle

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