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A SIGNED, STAMPED AND EMBOSSED PAPERBACK COPY of My Real Self, including a matching bookmark.


The nail-biting conclusion of the My ... Self series will leave you speechless ... and question everything you have read before. Are you ready to know the truth?

"My name is Alicia ... but you already know that by now. I am ... not normal, but am I truly a psychopath as I have always believed?"

Josslyn and I used to be enemies, then friends, then sisters, and now ... I finally know the truth about who she really is. But it is not about us anymore. It is about putting an end to an evilness that I know is there, and which is far too close for comfort. I cannot accomplish this mission alone ... everyone was against me, but now I have allies.

I will finish this once and for all. I will find out the truth about my past, but one of us may not survive it. Josslyn and I have always been one and the same ... but it is time to finally say goodbye and find out who I really am … My Real Self.

My Real Self is the third and final book in the My … Self series and finally answers the questions: Is Alicia truly a psychopath … and who really is Josslyn? Do not miss this twisted, shocking and heart-breaking end to the psychological series with a difference by Jessica Huntley!


CONTENT WARNINGS: Murder, swearing, rape (inferred), child abuse (inferred).

My Real Self (My...Self Series #3)

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