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Jessica has self-published four psychological thrillers and co-written and

published a horror with four fellow authors.

She is currently seeking representation for another thriller and

in the process of writing her seventh book.

Jinx - Coming 15th April 2023


Who would you believe is capable of murder: the man you almost married or the man whose life you saved?

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British soldier, Aimee Price, is hailed as a hero for saving a man’s life. But traumatic flashbacks of the explosion, and a loss of confidence, force her to hide from the limelight.

Twelve years later, Jones, the man she saved, is arrested for a murder he claims he didn’t commit. Can she believe him when she has a history with the victim and Jones has a tendency for violence?

Aimee must discover the truth, even if it means losing her job, all while trying to live a normal life and start dating again.
But can she put the past behind her, even when it’s determined to destroy her by opening old wounds?

Who would you believe is capable of murder: the man you almost married

or the man whose life you saved?

Jinx is a gripping suspense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final page. If you enjoy crime and suspense thrillers with a hint of romance and a strong female protagonist then you'll love this standalone thriller by Jessica Huntley.

My debut novel and the idea that started me on the path to becoming a published author.

I started this book in 2020 at the beginning of lockdown and published it a year later.

The Darkness Within Ourselves is a spine-tingling psychological thriller that is guaranteed to keep you awake at night. If you like fast-paced thrillers with a paranormal twist then you’ll love this terrifying story of real psychological disorders.

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Amber and her four best friends are about to reach their teenage years when the unthinkable happens; one of her friends, Kieran, is killed in a freak accident.

Twenty years later, Amber no longer speaks to her friends and is still haunted by that day in the form of severe psychological issues, including sleep paralysis, insomnia and hallucinations of a terrifying entity she calls The Creature. But it isn’t just in her head; it is real.

Unbeknown to Amber, her former friends have also been suffering from their own psychological nightmares, each trapped and twisted into people they no longer recognise.

Then a piece of evidence is found from that day and Amber and her former friends are forced to relive the events leading up to Kieran's death, learning truths along

the way that they would rather not know about themselves.

Can they work together to rid themselves of their demons and

find out what really happened to Kieran all those years ago?


My Dark Self is my favourite book that I've written for several reasons. The two main characters are not only in the same body, but they are based on myself and my twin sister. Originally, this was going to be a standalone book, but the character's had a longer story to tell ...

My Dark Self is the first novel in the My ... Self series, a new gripping thriller series with a massive twist ... the two main characters are one person! If you like fast-paced psychological thrillers with plenty of twists and turns and witty banter then you’ll love this dramatic series.

"My name is Josslyn and I’m a psychopath. Actually … that’s not technically true. Let me explain ..."

Josslyn is a mild-mannered vet who prefers animals to people. Alicia is a ruthless and psychotic killer. But there’s a problem … They are the same person. 
When Josslyn finds a clue as to who Alicia really is, she sets out on a mission to discover the truth and hopefully get rid of the psychopath in her head before she kills again.
However, Alicia has her own agenda and isn’t afraid to mess things up for Josslyn. She wants control of their body and won’t rest until she gets her way.
Someone is stalking them and clearly knows more about them than they do. Will Josslyn and Alicia ever be able to see eye to eye and work together to overcome adversity?

My True Self delves deeper into the darkness of the two main characters and sets them on a path for revenge, as they uncover more than a few secrets

along the way.

My True Self is the second book in the My ... Self series and follows the continued drama between Alicia and Josslyn, two people who share a body. If you like fast-paced psychological thrillers with plenty of twists and turns, then you’ll love this gripping sequel to the first book

My Dark Self.


My name is Alicia, and I am a psychopath.
All I want is the chance at a normal life. Josslyn is still in my head, and she has forgiven me ... mostly, but my stalker will not leave me alone. Peter has found me, and he is willing

to do anything to get Josslyn back.
I know what I must do now. Peter must die if I am ever to be left alone, but things have a way of changing unexpectedly. Everyone is against me ... except Josslyn ... and for the first time, we must work together to rid ourselves of those that wish us harm.
I am changing. So is Josslyn. But she is changing into someone I never wanted her to be: me.
One day it will end, but first we must fight for our lives.


My Real Self was the most emotional book I've ever written. I grew very attached to Alicia and Josslyn and saying goodbye was a lot harder than I thought it would be ...

My Real Self is the third and final book in the My … Self series and finally answers the questions: Is Alicia truly a psychopath … and who really is Josslyn? Do not miss this twisted, shocking and heart-breaking end to the psychological series with a difference.

My name is Alicia ... but you already know that by now. I am ... not normal, but am I truly a psychopath as I have always believed?
Josslyn and I used to be enemies, then friends, then sisters, and now ... I finally know the truth about who she really is. But it is not about us anymore. It is about putting an end to an evilness that I know is there, and which is far too close for comfort. I cannot accomplish this mission alone ... everyone was against me, but now I have allies.
I will finish this once and for all. I will find out the truth about my past, but one of us may not survive it. Josslyn and I have always been one and the same ... but it is time to finally say goodbye and find out who I really am … My Real Self.

I was asked to collaborate on this horror novel by Stuart, a good friend of mine, and I jumped at the opportunity to write something different. It was a lot of fun working with so many talented authors! It was my first experience at writing a short story (which you can download for FREE here or read as part of this book.

The Summoning is an intense horror collaboration from the minds of Dr. Stuart Knott, Harriet Everend, and Jessica Huntley and featuring contributions from Alice Stone and Shantel Brunton.


You’re cordially invited to LaVey House…
The reclusive Howard LaVey has presented writers Frederick Brandis, Aster Callahan, Rhiannon Hughes, and Mikhail Orlov with the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to spend a week at his ominous estate and collaborate on a horror anthology.
Each of them hopes to get something out of it, ranging from riches to recognition, but egos flare and co-existing becomes a struggle as each writer battles against their own demons and self-doubts.
Soon enough, LaVey House turns out to be much more than they bargained for, and the chance of a lifetime quickly becomes a living nightmare as ancient spirits awaken and torment them at every turn.
Four writers, four stories, but the true horror lies buried within the dark hallways and forgotten secrets of LaVey House just waiting to live again!


This is my first official anthology submission! I chose to write a short story under the star sign Gemini, due to it being my own sign and the fact I'm an identical twin myself.


My short story submission is called

"You Die ... I Die" and is about a set of identical twins who've been captured by a sadist serial killer. Will they get out alive or does the killer have other plans for them?

Aries. Taurus. Gemini. Cancer. Leo. Virgo. Libra. Scorpio. Sagittarius. Capricorn. Aquarius. Pisces.

It is said that destiny is determined by the stars. The signs of the Zodiac can predict who you’ll love, who you’ll hate, and who you’ll become. But the fates written in the stars are not always kind. Sometimes, they’re terrifying.

In Horrorscopes, you will find 36 dark fantasy poems and short stories all inspired by the Zodiac Signs. Within these pages, you’ll face killer goats, twisted twins and deadly fishies. So, open this book, if you dare, and pray that you weren’t born under a bad sign.

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